Important Notice:

The Waffloid Server will be closing down on November 4, 2015. So if you use this web store until then, you accept that your reward will also terminate along with the server. All donations from Sept. 4 - Nov. 4 will no longer be used to fund the server, and instead will be donated to a charity.


The Waffloid Server is completely funded by you, the fans of TheWaffleGalaxy! We run off of donations from members of the server, which helps keep the server up and running! If you would like to help the server, feel free to check out our Ranks & Rewards donation system!

Ranks & Rewards

We are maintained 100% by donations from our members. As a way
of saying thanks, we have set up a ranks and reward system for the
different amounts of donations we receive.

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For support, email me@thewafflegalaxy.com with your inquiry